Let clients build custom dynamic layouts, with your pre-defined Elementor building-blocks!

With Rexy, your clients can build any page or post using ACF Flexible Content and your pre-defined Elementor building-blocks. Start with saving time and let them be in charge of the content, while you keep control of the design.

Create Flexible Dynamic Layouts

With Rexy, your clients can create entire custom page layouts without them interfering with your design

Only uses native Elementor widgets

Rexy is built upon Elementor PRO, so it uses the widgets Elementor provides, making it super easy to integrate into already existing sites

Build custom layouts like never before

Rexy enables you or your clients to build flexible, dynamic layouts at lightning speed, without breaking the design

Rexy adds less then 1kb to your page

Rexy add less then 1kb to your website, making it super lightweight and build for absolute performance


Build your dynamic websites
in minutes

Use ACF Flexible Content and ACF Repeater Fields to create dynamically editable websites. Not only for you but also for your customer. Drag and drop your pre-designed layouts on any position you like, without having to redefine and re-order your ACF fields.

ACF Flexibel content Elementor


Featured by Paul Charlton from WPTuts

Build for perfomance

Every single line of code in Rexy is profiled for fast performing websites. We have numbers to prove that.

No jQuery on the Front-end

Rexy only uses just a little jQuery on the back-end of your site. When accessing the Elementor editor or the front-end these script’s aren’t loaded which increases the speed of your site. 

Use native widgets

As said. Rexy does not add any extra widgets expect the container widgets. So you can you any widget that you want. If you want to connect widgets with an ACF Field then make sure the widget that you are using supports Dynamic Tags. 

Less then 1kb

Rexy is build with the bare minimal. Adding les then 1kb to your website. There are no unnecessary scripts or css files added that would load on the front-end side. That’s why it doesn’t slow down you website and only add the absolute necessary functionality’s


Don't just take our word for it...

Willem-Jan Hahn

CEO of Outgrow

If you’re an Elementor + ACF power user, Rexy is a game changer. The ability to style ACF Flexible Content and Repeater Fields within the Elementor interface means that I don’t need to custom code Single Page templates again. This widget is long due. It’s easy to use, fast, and you get to keep all the benefits of using Elementor! Well done Roelof.

Laurent Drapeau

Founder of Attracteev.co

I was waiting this bridge between ACF Flexible and Elementor PRO since the beginning. That’s “Game Changer” in an Agency Client Way. With Rexy you can join both flexibility with a NoCode approach of ACF UI/UX and Elementor Design workflow. That’s awesome. For a v1, 4.5 stars (even more) but i don’t want Roelof fall in sleep in dev 😉 Let’s target the five across the next months.

Andrew Kirkcaldy

Founder of bgfg.co.uk/

With Dynoments Rexy we the editors choose the type of content field (Copy, Video, Text) via ACF Flexible content and you create predefine templates via Elementor. Less bloat = faster render.

Also the support from Roelof has been second to none. Very responsive and resolved a small issue quickly.

Keep it up and I look forward to seeing how this develops

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